Monday, 23 September 2013

Kamal Khetan Reveals Other Costs Linked With Buying a Home

Home purchasing can turn into a stressful as well as an exciting task, both at the same time. Usually buyers, especially the first timers, seem to forget the fact that the overall costs linked with the buying of a new home are much higher than the actual purchase price of the property. In order to make you aware of all these costs beforehand, the real estate advisors from the Kamal Khetan group has compiled below some of the other major costs that are usually associated with the purchase of a new home.

1    1.     Agent’s Commission

Both the real estate agents on the buyer’s as well as the seller’s side receive some percentage of the final sales price as commission. As a general rule of thumb, a typical commission expense can lie anywhere between three to six percent of the total selling price. However, these rates and percentages are always negotiable. The commission expense takes in to account both the seller’s realtor as well as the buyer’s realtor. This particular cost is generally supposed to be paid by the seller only. Therefore, you must always pick advisors from credible and reputed companies like the Kamal Khetan Group.

2    2.     Closing Costs

The closing costs usually cover all the liabilities such as the legal fees, utility adjustment costs and the property taxes. In addition to this, certain provinces also demand land transfer taxes.

3    3.     Legal Fees

This covers all the costs that you are supposed to pay to your associated lawyer, with respect to all sorts of legal transactions that may have been brought into action during the purchase of the house. Some of these prime legal transactions include the signing and preparing of the mortgage, conduction of property title search, review of the terms of the made offer, registration of the new title, determination of appropriate adjustment costs, obtaining relevant documentation and other conveyance charges.

4    4.     Mortgage Life Insurance

Many insurance companies provide special coverage for the cost at which your mortgage will be discharged under an event of severe illness or death. These days many lenders have started to provide for the mortgage insurance. However, the amount for the same is not fixed and directly depends on the condition and state of your mortgage.

5    5.     Service Charges

This section covers all the installation and other fee charges for hooking up basic utilities such as cable services, electricity, telephone and gas.  

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