Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Kamal Khetan; Concierge Services – A Value Added Service on the Rise in Luxury Residential Projects

In today's day and age, the lives of the super wealthy are filled with the world of luxurious goods that everyone from the best designer fashion brands to the leading real estate developers cater to. Luxury living and plush lifestyles are increasingly becoming a norm among a growing super set of consumers who are far more desirous of the best of the best, than ever before. The eyes of many mega real estate companies have opened up to the fact that luxury living has to be taken up a notch or ten, to satisfy patrons and attract enough customers in a competitive market in the first place.

Luxury as far as residential complexes and apartment buildings have meant different things over the years. From the emergence of landscaped gardens, super design and architecture, fabulous interior design and outdoor facades, swimming pools, health clubs and more on site to extra flourishes like on site restaurants and cafes and multipurpose rooms, luxurious living has evolved over the years into an exceptionally comfortable and functional concept. If eye catching and quality construction and recreational and leisure facilities have been all that you  have thought about when it comes to luxury projects, think again. The latest in ultra luxury developments are the presence of amazing value added services like concierge services for residents around the clock.

Transforming the landscape of ultra luxurious living in India, are the provisions for concierge services that take care of every need, big or small, of the residents. From cleaning your home to scheduling meals, from grocery shopping to bank runs, from booking tickets to scheduling transport for air port runs, from making reservations at restaurants to taking care of bookings for a weekend getaway, concierge service providers provide a whole host of services that add immense value, comfort and yes luxury to day to day living; which lets face it, anyone with a busy life in urban areas would love to avail off. Real estate big wigs like Godrej Properties (for a project in Bengaluru) and Sunteck Realty (for a project in Mumbai) have tied up with national and international concierge service providers, an exclusive and innovative concept. On their path breaking tie up with Vertu, a luxury cell phone service provider for 'signature concierge services', MD Kamal Khetan of Sunteck Realty Pvt. Ltd. said that it “redefines the essence of concierge service known till date. Through our tie up our patrons will have access to the concierge service available in 30 countries worldwide.” and went on to talk about how partnering with complimenting brands helps create positive equity.

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